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Expansion Details

Proverbs 16:3: "Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established."

Our Greatest Need 

As enrollment growth trends continue to push from early elementary through grade 8, our facilities have become inadequate.

While our current space (2023-24 school year) includes 30 classrooms, grades 6–8 have one class each, grades 3–5 have 2 classes each, and pre-k–grade 2 have 3 classes each. For each middle school class that graduates, at least 3 preschool classes are awaiting enrollment. This is massive growth!

To fulfill our mission and meet the growing needs for Christian education within our culture and community, we're aiming to push past this in future years. 

Step-by-Step Plan

A 12-classroom elementary expansion provides the necessary space to meet our 3-class-per-grade standard for families seeking Christ-centered education, as well as those currently enrolled. 

Below is a list of rooms included in this step:

  • Space for Educational Support Services to continue meeting current demands.
  • Breakout rooms, a flexible-space classroom, and a sensory room will help us better connect with our diverse student body.
  • Childcare and preschool capacity will be broadened to help parents with basic essential needs.
  • New parking with drop-off and pick-up areas.
  • Accommodations for growing programs such as robotics, theatre, after-school clubs, and more. 
  • A more spacious library for our growing student body.
  • A community gathering room, to fulfill our mission for our students and vision for our community.

A new gymnasium is essential for our growing student body. Chapel is at the heart of the ACS experience, bringing students, staff, teachers, and parents together at the foot of the cross. The gym is also used for PE classes, extracurricular activities, and community events, and as we grow the space becomes smaller. It's time to expand to fit our current and future ACS community needs. 

We Need You

To fulfill our mission, we need your help. Classrooms will allow us to serve more families seeking Christ-centered education within the local community.

Every. Single. Gift. Counts.

We invite you to help meet our greatest need in the best way you are able. All gifts are welcome — none are too small! We need $5.7 million in order to complete this project. Please prayerfully consider a gift towards the building expansion.