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Allendale Christian School has been very blessed by the work of the Allendale Christian Parent Club (AC-PTA), a growing Foundation Fund, proceeds from the Revive Resale Store, and generous donors. This, along with opportunities for financial assistance, has helped keep tuition affordable for families in the surrounding community. 

2024–25 Tuition Rates

Rates are pending approval at the March Society meeting.

Grade LevelRequired Tuition
Nature-rich Preschool 3yr/2-day (½ days)$1,250
Preschool 3yr/2-day (½ days)$1,200
Preschool 3yr/2-day (½ days)$1,200
Preschool 4yr/2-day (½ days)
Preschool 4yr/3-day (½ days)$1,700
Nature-based Preschool 4yr/2-day (½ days)$1,300
Nature-based Preschool 4yr/3-day (½ days)$1,900
Young Fives (2.5 days)$4,300
3-day Kindergarten$5,400
4-day Kindergarten$6,600
5-day Kindergarten$7,700


2023–24 Tuition Rates, Elementary and Middle School

2024–25 rates will be published upon approval in March.

Grade LevelRequired Tuition
First full-time student$7,675
Second full-time student$6,425
Third full-time student$4,640
Fourth full-time student
Fifth+ full-time student$0




Each family pays a $300 enrollment fee when enrolling a new student in grades Young Fives or older. This amount will be taken off the tuition balance.

Part-time Student Additional Discount: if your third child is in Young Fives or 3-day Kindergarten, there is a 20% discount off the listed tuition cost. If the fourth child is in Young Fives or 3-day Kindergarten, there is a 60% discount off the listed tuition cost.