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Math concepts, writing skills, cooperative learning, STEM, field trips, physical education – you will hear these concepts and skills taught at many schools. What then is the difference at Allendale Christian School? The difference lies in the approach used in teaching and implementing the curricular programs. Teachers at ACS use the Teaching for Transformation program's Biblical Worldview framework to guide them in the teaching of ALL subjects. We equip students to be effective communicators that think critically and write and speak thoughtfully, and are prepared to discern the world through the lens of scripture. This happens every day at ACS!

Daily devotions and prayer times are held within the individual classrooms. Chapels are scheduled on a regular basis. These are led by teachers and involve student participation and leadership. Typically the elementary and middle school students have chapel services independent of each other; three times a year students meet as the entire student body to worship together. Parents are welcome to attend these very special times.

We invite you to click on the different elementary grade levels below to learn more about the curriculum taught in each grade. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call at (616) 895-5108.