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Running Club | For girls and boys in grades 3–5  
This program not only gives the kids a chance to run together and learn life-long fitness skills, but the coaches also teach a curriculum focused on relationships and teamwork and gaining a better understanding of themselves, all within an environment where life-long fitness is encouraged. At the end of the season, the members of the Club, along with family and friends, have the opportunity to participate in a 5K run.

Ski Club | For girls and boys in grades 6–8 
In partnership with Jenison Christian, discounted lift tickets are available for Bittersweet in Otsego. For a small fee, round-trip transportation is provided by JCS buses four to six times per winter. This is a great way to get to know students from another school, as well. Discount passes are also available to ACS families interested in skiing throughout the winter.

Chess and Game Clubs | For girls and boys in grades 4–8 
These after-school club will release their schedules for the year before the clubs start. The clubs may be on opposite weeks or one club will meet weekly, followed by the other later in the school year.

Math Counts | For girls and boys in grades 6–8 
If students have an interest in math and want to be challenged, this is the place to be! The club prepares them to compete against students from other middle schools in West Michigan in math activities and solving math problems. Typically, this group will meet in the morning right before school.

Robotics | For girls and boys in grades 4–8
ACS partners with Unity Christian High School, as well as local Eastern Ottawa Christian Schools, to form the Robotics team, which consists of students grades 5–12. Visit the VEX Robotics website to learn more.

Students in grades 4–6 are part of the Robotics team, hosted by ACS, and joined by students from Borculo and Lamont Christian Schools. Students will use the VEX IQ portion of the Vex Robotics curriculum.

Students in grades 7–12 are hosted at Hudsonville Christian, which is central to the EOCS schools, and this age group will compete using VEX Robotics materials. The robots are designed, built, programmed, and operated by a team of students. While coaches provide the necessary equipment and materials for a team to succeed, each team learns to maintain a notebook — recording plans and accomplishments. At events, teams compete using the current game with other teams on the field. They also compete in timed skills events where they are the only robot on the field. Finally, they present their engineering notebook and explain their robot to the judges. Be sure to learn more about the competition!