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Middle School Retreats

Middle School students have the opportunity to be involved in retreats with grade-level classmates, as well as middle school peers.

Grace Adventures

In the fall, students and teachers travel to Grace Adventures in Pearson, Michigan, for a 3-day, 2-night retreat of fun, bonding, and learning more about their relationship with God. The retreat is set up so that each grade level will have a different experience each year.

Spiritual Emphasis Retreat

In the winter, the entire Middle School takes two days away from their regular schedule to go on a Spiritual Emphasis Retreat. The location of this retreat rotates each year. A speaker is brought in to touch on a specific topic of faith nurture, a musician is brought in to lead worship, and two days are spent finding avenues to grow in faith and understand God's call for the students in the world around them.

Leadership Retreat

Eighth grade students also take a day to travel to Calvin College for a Leadership Retreat. Calvin College meals and gives them a tour of the campus. Different speakers are brought in to discuss different facets of leadership with the students since this year is when they hold leadership positions at ACS. The students are also given personal reflection time and work together to set leadership goals for their last year of middle school.

Middle School Day

Finally, at the end of the year, the will take a day away to celebrate the year and continue to build community. Locations of this day away have included the YMCA, a Tigers Game, Michigan's Adventure, and the beach!