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Affording Christian Education

You may be wondering if Christian education is affordable for your family. We are pleased to offer multiple opportunities to offset some of the costs of education. We are committed to working with families who desire a Christian education to make tuition as affordable as possible. If you have any questions about the opportunities below, please give us a call at (616)895-5108, and we can have a conversation about how to make an ACS education a reality for your family!

Enrollment Grant

For some families, Christian school is a new idea, and the tuition cost can seem overwhelming. For this reason, ACS has created an enrollment grant for families that have not been involved in Christian education, and may wish to give it a try. For families that are brand new to Christian education, we offer a grant to help provide financial assistance to enroll children in grades 1-7. To learn more about ACS, and inquire about the Enrollment Grant, please contact the office at (616)895-5108.

Needs-Based Financial Assistance

Allendale Christian participates in FACTS, a grant application program. Families who wish to apply for tuition assistance will use the FACTS confidential website. The best part of the application process: it is completely FREE for your family. The required application information will be easily accessible data from your tax return, financial accounts, and other basic financial information. The FACTS organization will analyze the information of each applicant and recommend grant amounts based on the needs of your family. Please note that your information remains safe and confidential with the FACTS program. Parents who have children in more than one Christian school need only to fill out the application one time — the information will be available to the schools where their children attend. To begin the application process, please visit the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment page. Also, please feel free to contact the ACS office at (616)895-5108 or the FACTS organization at 1-866-315-9262 should you have any questions.

Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP)

Many ACS families participate in the Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP). This is a great program that allows you to earn tuition credits by doing the shopping and every day business that you would normally do. That is correct – help pay tuition by shopping, filling your gas tank, and going out to eat. There are over 370 retailers that participate by refunding a portion of their sales to Christian school parents. Please visit our TRIP page to learn more about this program and to begin earning money toward tuition!

Multiple Student Tuition Discount Plan

ACS is able to provide discounts to families with more than one child at the school.  There is a rate for two, three, or four full-time children at ACS. The discount already kicks in with the second full-time student. If there are more than four students from the same immediate family, any student beyond the fourth attends for free. Additionally, if your third or fourth child is in a part-time class (Young Fives or 3-day Kindergarten), they also qualify for a discount! 

Local Churches

There are a number of churches in the Allendale area that assist families in making Christian education a reality. We encourage you to check with your church to see if support is available. If you would like to know more about our supporting churches, please give us a call. We would love to share with you more information about the church families near ACS.

I invite you to give me a call at (616)895-5108, fill out the contact form on the home page, or email me at I would love an opportunity for an educational consultation and tour of the ACS facilities, as well as highlight the ways we can make Christian education a reality for your family!

Serving Him,
Brian Koetje, Head of School