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Just a little planning ahead is all you need to do to reduce your tuition through your everyday shopping! Over 700 local and national businesses participate by basically refunding a portion of their sales back to ACS parents. The discount or rebate is then credited to the family’s tuition account! This means that when you buy gas or groceries, shop for clothes, eat out at restaurants, pay your garbage bill, etc., you can make money for your families tuition!

There are three ways to participate in the TRIP program:

1. The TRIP Committee buys certificates at a discounted price and then sells them to participants who order and buy these certificates at face value. The discount, or rebate, is then credited to the family’s tuition account. This can be done during scheduled times at ACS.

2. Participants can buy a physical card for a business and reload the card whenever they need using an online or app option. There is a very small fee for the transaction.

3. Participants can order ecards from ScripNow online or in an app. These are typically available for immediate use!

TRIP is held every week in the rotunda at ACS!  Participation in TRIP is available to all parents considering Christian education or presently involved in Christian education. Friends, neighbors, other family members, grandparents, etc., can help you just by putting their orders and checks in your envelope, or they may set up their own account by assigning their TRIP credits to benefit your family’s tuition account! The more you get involved to help, the more tuition credit you can earn!

How Does it Work?
  • TRIP is held every other Tuesday evening from 7-7:30p.  
    Fall/Winter SCHEDULE - 2022  
    • October 18 
    • November 1 
    • November 15 
    • November 29 
    • December 13 
    • December 20
    All orders must be paid for by Tuesday at 7:30p or they will be returned to the TRIP cart. Wednesday morning sessions are strictly PICK UP sessions only. There will be no exchanging of gift cards or money at this time. A TRIP committee member is not present at this session. 
  • Instant TRIP is held every week during the school year and every other week during the summer.
  • Instant TRIP is 100% volunteer run. If an email or call is not responded to right away, please know that everyone on the committee also have full time jobs. We will get back to you as soon as we are able. 
  • If ACS is canceled due to weather, COVID-19 or any other reason, the TRIP session that night will also be canceled.
  • Online orders must be placed by 9:00p Monday evening to be filled the following Tuesday. If we do not carry the cards in stock or our out of our inventory, they will be ordered and available at the next Instant TRIP session.
  • Online orders that are paid for by Presto Pay can not be changed. If a "non-local" card is ordered, it can not be exchanged due to differences in the percentage earned.
  • Which retailers participate? Click to see a list of retailers.  There are over 160 cards that are part of our TRIP and held in inventory by TRIP.  On our order form we have over 250 of the participating retailers listed for your convenience.  Click here for an order form.
  • If you have questions regarding your order or if there was an error, please email
  • We are always looking for more volunteers to staff Tuesday night sessions. If you are interested in helping, please email
  • Last year we held a TRIP informational evening to familiarize people with online ordering system and processes for ordering. If you are interested in having another one, please let us know. If there is enough interest, we may be able to do a ZOOM meeting.
  • Future Families: Don’t have a child in school yet? This is perfect for you! Earnings can exceed a year’s tuition before your child even gets to school and then keeps helping out throughout his/her years through high school.
Quick Links:
New Family Packet
TRIP Order Form
Digital TRIP Form
How to download OpenOffice
VIP Vendors 
Dining Concepts
Trip Voucher Yellow Pages
*TRIP Voucher Form
*Voucher: To receive credit from TRIP Voucher “Yellow Pages”, present to the retailer the 3-part TRIP voucher form prior to purchase. If you need a TRIP voucher form, stop by a TRIP session or pick on up in the small wooden TRIP cart.
Your help is needed to keep TRIP running smoothly:  Contact Christy Brueker (895-1104) to volunteer to help at an INSTANT TRIP Session or sign up using SIGNUP Genius  Contact Rebecca ( for more information about setting up an account.


Thank you to the many volunteers who have already stepped forward to help make TRIP successful!