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Why do I want to send my child to Allendale Christian School?
Allendale Christian teachers and staff understand that parents only have one opportunity to raise their children. We strive to provide an excellent academic experience designed to meet each child’s individual needs. The experiences and lessons they plan challenge each child to succeed and lead them on a journey to know God better and have a positive impact on their community.

We believe that education must be done within the context of our Christian faith and commitment. Our young daughters and sons are gifts from the Lord, and we want to educate and prepare them to engage the world around them for Christ!


Why current ACS families chose Allendale Christian for their family’s education...
  • “We want our kids to know that they are special in their own unique ways. We want their teachers to recognize that, too. We have been so happy with our decision to send them to ACS. My kids know they are special and loved by everyone at ACS and that God has a plan for them.”
  • “I want my children to fall in love with Jesus. It is my prayer that attending ACS, where a relationship with Christ is made a priority and where God is part of every subject area, will help them do just that.”
  • “After preschool, we couldn’t imagine leaving. ACS is a loving, safe environment where our children are prepared for life beyond elementary school. A Christ centered education delivered by teachers living by example.”
  • “Because it is Christ-centered and because of the one on one attention our children receive.”
  • “We chose ACS because of the teaching of Christian values and because of the smaller class sizes.”
  • “Christian education. Learning takes place in every school, but when all learning has the foundation of God’s Word, it is more relevant, more accurate, and builds faith. We want our kids to be prepared for the challenges they WILL face in life, and ACS is one of our partners in that preparation.”


What ACS Parents are saying about our school...
  • “All I have to say is if you are questioning whether you should spend the money for an ACS education, go to a chapel at ACS and experience the passion for Christ and the children. It brings tears to my eyes and confirms why I choose to have faith and not worry about the cost! God will provide!”
  • "We are excited to see an almost instant change in the demeanor of our boys from having a third Christian support leg in their lives aside from church and home. Seeing the Lord in everything is critically essential to having a Christian world view and having enough of that knowledge in your head to make a God-honoring choice. We love the idea of how this ripple effect can come from every subject at school."
  • "We are thoroughly enjoying our experience, and are so grateful that the Lord has led us to Allendale Christian school. We are excited to watch our children grow not only educationally but also in the Lord! Lastly...I have been blessed by how PERFECT of a fit each teacher has been for each child!"
  • “I love the way God is part of everything that the kids do and learn!“
  • “At ACS, there is a genuine Christian atmosphere, from the people to the teachers to the curriculum.”
  • “We are excited about the overall Christian perspective in learning and faith modeled by teachers and staff daily.”
  • “We love the teachers! ACS has great staff who truly care for our kids!”
  • “I have loved every teacher my kids have had, I feel confident entrusting my children to them and that they will love my kids and train them and point them toward their Heavenly Father.”
  • “I know my children are in good hands when I drop them off in the morning. Teachers work together with parents to provide a wonderful, Christian, learning atmosphere.”
  • “We are a new family to ACS this year and we have been so impressed at every level — quality of administration, teachers, LOVE the hot lunch program, as well as after school care….and the best thing is the fact my daughter LOVES to go to school everyday. She transferred later in the school year and it has been a great transition for her.”
  • “The professionalism of the staff, but also their personal side- showing compassion and understanding to each family is unique and Christ-centered. I also admire the cooperative component. ACS staff seems to work well together, challenging students, but enjoying their professional roles with one another.”
  • “I love that my children are taught how to pray and learn to pray for each other. I like that the older students are paired with a younger student and are given opportunities to spend time together throughout the year.”
  • "The best part for me is when I ask them what they learn, their first answer is about God! There have been many times when my daughter has come home singing praise music. She hears it at home and at church but I think it leaves a stronger impression on her to see and hear her peers praising God."