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In-School Opportunities
During school, or in the morning before school, students have opportunities outside of the classroom. Below are a few of the opportunities where ACS students have become involved.

Intramurals: Intramural competition is available for students from 4th-8th grade. Fourth and fifth grade students, for part of the school year, will have the opportunity to compete in sports like basketball. Middle School students will have the opportunity to compete in a variety of intramural sports seasons throughout the school year.

Spelling Bee: Students in 3rd-8th grade are able to participate in the Spelling and Vocabulary Bee at ACS. The top two from ACS will move on to compete at a regional tournament in Ottawa County.

Math Counts: Students in middle school are eligible to participate in Math Counts. This opportunity allows students who have an interest in math and want to be challenged to work with a teacher. This work prepares them for a math competition where they will compete against students from other middle schools in West Michigan in math activities and solving math problems. Typically, this group will meet in the morning right before school.