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Safety, Education, and a Community of Grace

ACS intends to continue to provide an education that is academically-excellent and saturated with a Biblical worldview. We have very high expectations. In terms of safety and wellness, we will focus on best practices to keep our students and staff healthy, while not creating hurdles or barriers to teaching and learning.


The Health and Wellness Committee continues to evaluate current health and safety recommendations and mandates and make necessary adjustments for areas where we can improve current procedures. The updated plan for COVID mitigation can be found below.


Education regarding COVID-19 is critical. This page is in place to help our community in regards to the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, so that they can evaluate their children’s health when they are ready to send them off to school. For the safety of all students and staff, it is critical that each family does their part in making sure students come to school healthy. We will educate our students on simple measures to keep them healthy and well, including proper and frequent hygiene measures at school. This is not just a ‘COVID thing’, but instead good practices for every day health.

Community of Grace

Grace is a cornerstone of ACS. God gives us grace, and we are called to give grace to others. I encourage all of you to provide grace to each other, and to our Board and staff, as we journey through the 2021-2022 school year, and move toward more normalcy.

*Below you will find information regarding COVID that will help answer many questions that families might have throughout the school year.

Important Links:

Allendale Christian School 21-22 COVID Prevention Plan

COVID Prevention Strategies Form

Explanation of ACS COVID protocols

COVID Symptom List & Stay-Home Decision-Making Chart

Flowchart for COVID Exposure  (Vaccinated/Antibodies: pg. 1; Unvaccinated: pg. 2)

COVID Dashboard - Current Statistics at ACS 


If you have any questions in regards to the COVID preparedness plan at ACS, please contact Brian Koetje, Principal, at