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Child Care Program

The child care program at ACS is meant for families with current or future ACS students. Prices are set with the understanding that families also pay tuition for education. It is our goal to provide an affordable, safe, Christ-centered child care experience for your children! The facility is licensed by the State of Michigan, and appropriate background checks are done on all employees to ensure that we have the best staff possible. The most important characteristics that we look for in child care staff is that they love kids and love God! Those are two things that make this an awesome program!

If you are interested in utilizing the child care program at ACS, please email Mrs. Kelsey Post, Child Care Director, at You may also call the Child Care Office at (616)895-5107.


Child Care Contract 2020-2021     

Summer Care Contract 2020

Please print the enrollment form, fill it out, and return it, along with the $30 enrollment fee, to the ACS office.  Please do not fill in the space for your child’s teacher. We will fill that out when class lists are made. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email  Mrs. Kelsey Post, our Child Care Director at

Important Information:

Childcare Handbook

Billing will occur monthly on the first Friday of the month.  Payments will be due within two weeks of billing.  Families will not be charged for care during scheduled school breaks (unless utilizing care during that time), during school closings (unless signed up for care), or when children are sick (prior notification is required).  Families will be charged for missing child care on contracted days for other instances, including family vacations during school days.  Two free personal days are allowed, as long as you notify the Child Care Director.

Drop-In:  If you would like to use child care only on a drop-in basis, your child can attend the child care as space allows, but you must provide 24-hour notice.

Snow Day:  At least six ACS students need to be pre-enrolled for snow day care to be offered for next school year. We will update you in the fall (at the latest) regarding this option. The snow day maximum cap per family is $70.

School Delays: Your child(ren) must be on the schedule for Before School Care or All Day Care to be able to have care guaranteed for a school delay. If you have an emergency and need care, you can call ahead to see if there is space available.

School Vacations:  There will be child care available during most school vacation times. We must have at least six ACS students pre-enrolled to offer child care during vacations. These breaks include the CEA Convention in October, the day before Thanksgiving, part of Christmas break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

Snacks will be provided to children enrolled in Before School Care and All-Day Care.

Lunch Parents will need to pack lunches for students who are in care at lunch time. We are working on the possibility of hot lunch options for children in child care.

Attendance Procedures:

Sign-In/Pick Up: Attendance will be taken daily in order to sign in children. Parents are required to sign out each child from the program. Teachers and office staff will have record of which children attend the program and when they attend in order to ensure safe arrival to our room.

Attendance: Parents need to call the Child Care office at 895-5107 or the program director before school dismisses to let us know your child will not attend the program on that given day. An e-mail to the director is fine as long as it’s done before the end of the school day. Attendance messages cannot be relayed through teachers. Parents must be the one to notify the program director. Drop-in care is available for those currently enrolled in the program. Please notify the Child Care office or the program director before the end of the school day if your child needs to attend the program on an unscheduled day. If someone other than a legal guardian will be picking up your child(ren), we must be notified in advance and the person must be listed on your child(ren)’s information sheet. Please always provide a photo ID for those other than a legal guardian picking up your child(ren).