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Young Fives enrollment begins January 14, 2021! For more information, please call the office at 616-895-5108.
Young Fives at ACS

Young Fives at ACS is an important year of growth and development between preschool and kindergarten for many children.  Our program prepares students for a successful school experience! We will focus on early literacy skills, math skills, social interactions and relationships, science, creative arts, and Bible.  Literacy knowledge and skills developed in the early childhood years help develop later literacy achievement.  We will develop these skills during structured large group time, small group activities, structured free play time, and dramatic play centers.  The children will become proficient in their ability to do school, and their confidence in working with each other and listening to a teacher will grow.  These skills are all integrated into many different areas of learning all within a loving, Christian environment.

The Young Fives class meets for full school days (8:25-3:20) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a half day schedule on Fridays (8:25-11:55), following the school calendar.

“I love the way God is part of everything that the kids do and learn!“                            - ACS Y5 parent
A Day in Young Fives

Each day in Young Fives begins with a daily routine, which includes number recognition, name recognition, lunch routine, and carpet time.  Also, during this time, the children learn their jobs, learn calendar and weather skills, and answer a driving question for the day.  Then our day moves into devotion time, where a new word is discussed each month.  This word uses a Bible verse, a song, and a book each class period.  It is an excellent discussion time to discover how God wants us to tell who He is.  All of this preparation on the carpet prepares us for our day.

Daily activities focus on a number of areas. A few examples of specific subject area activites are...
  1. Bible time: lesson, craft, praise and worship
  2. Literacy: Zoophonics, working with letters in our names, rhyming, read aloud, and many more activities
  3. Math: number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, counting, and number formation
  4. Social Studies and Science: large group, interactive experiments and outdoor exploration
  5. Specials Classes: PE, Art, Music, and Library
  6. Outdoor Education is also a part of the Friday curriculum.  These activities will take place in “The Great Beyond!” 

Fridays will also allow for the participation in Chapel, God Pods, and Kindness Matters, developing great inclusion in the ACS community. 

The video provides a small snapshot of the Christ-centered education at ACS!