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“At ACS, there is a genuine Christian atmosphere, from the people to the teachers to the curriculum.”                                  
The Traditional Preschool program at Allendale Christian provides a stimulating and enriching experience for children in preparation for Kindergarten or Young 5’s.  A program that nurtures the social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual growth of the preschool child will be provided in a secure and loving environment.
A Christ-centered education is emphasized in the ACS Preschool. We desire to educate our preschool children in an environment permeated by an awareness that they have a special place in God’s plan.  Children will be taught that God loves and cares for them and His world. In our classroom we will provide many experiences in which children can also express their love for God.  
Choice Time!
Research continues to show that young children learn best through meaningful play experiences. The Preschool years are a very important developmental period for children. The ACS Preschool team is intentional about giving students the opportunities to develop important skills through play-based experiences. One of these experiences is ‘Choice Time.’ During Choice Time, preschool students have the opportunity to choose their activity. There are many options, including the sensory table, building area, fine motor tasks, puzzles, puppets, Art center, and large motor activities. Within these activities, students are learning to take turns, to share, to use words for solving conflict, value the ideas of others, responsibility, and important skills. Click on the activities below to see how different choice time activities are helping your child grow!


Using our sense of touch to learn—Experimenting with weight and volume—Practicing hand-eye coordination—Exercising the muscles in our fingers, hands, and arms necessary for writing

Using the muscles in our hands and bodies—Developing hand-eye coordination—Practicing problem solving skills—Thinking creatively—Developing oral language and communication skills—Developing spatial relationship skills

Developing eye-hand coordination—Exercising the muscles in our fingers, hands, and arms necessary for writing—Exploring patterns—Using our imaginations to create

Practicing critical thinking skills—Exercising the muscles in our hands to develop coordination and dexterity—Improving our hand-eye coordination—Developing spatial relationship skills

Experimenting with different media—Practicing using pencils and crayons—Creativity—Working on getting an idea in your head down on paper

Climber and slide―working large climbing muscles―Hopscotch rug― hopping and throwing―Basketball hoop―eye-hand coordination and throwing skills

Developing the ability to role play—Developing language skills—Developing social skills—Developing self-help skills

A Day in the Life of a Preschooler at ACS:  
What we do and why!

Students in the ACS Preschool will have valuable and engaging experiences each day that will help them grow academically, spiritually, socially, and physically. To learn more about all the activities of a typical day in our traditional preschool classes, as well as why we do each activity, click here. The list of typical activities is below.

Choice Time
Bible Story
Book Time
Small Group (includes small motor skills)
Large Motor Time
Closing Activities

If you have any questions about preschool or would like to inquire about enrolling, we would happy to help. Please call our office at (616) 895-5108, or send an email to Brian Koetje, Principal, at

We look forward to partnering with you!

Meet the Teachers!

Mrs. Wendy Zwiers

Traditional Preschool Teacher (3 & 4-year old)

Deep Hope for students:  "My deep hope for my students is that they know God’s love for them and that they let that love spill over to others in our classroom, in their homes, and in the community."

Mrs. Lynnae Kauffman

Traditional Preschool Teacher (3 & 4-year old)

Deep Hope for students: "My deep hope for my students is that they would joyfully love God, love others, and love learning about God’s world."