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Sixth Grade

Middle School at ACS is designed to nurture the whole child. All aspects of the curriculum, including extracurricular opportunities, are intended to help students see and experience God in their everyday lives. In 6th grade, it is our goal to equip students to navigate the middle school years in a positive and Christ like manner, starting in the fall with an overnight camp experience and continuing throughout the entire school year as we grow together as a classroom community.

Bible: We use CSI’s newest curriculum, Walking With God and His People. Our year starts with a study of the inspiring book of Colossians, followed by a unit entitled “The Setting of God’s Story” which provides the backdrop for the remainder of our year via Old Testament character review, revisiting the Books of the Bible, Biblical timelines, etc. We then delve into the New Testament, picking up with Jesus’ life and ministry through his death and resurrection. Following a unit on Pentecost, we explore Paul’s Missionary Journeys. Sixth graders have many opportunities for personal growth and response through writing our class devotional book, creating graphic faith expressions, completing and presenting projects, and writing in our Bible journals.

Language Arts: This subject aims to develop strong skills in all facets of language arts. The spelling component expands on phonics skills while promoting contextual comprehension and higher-level thinking skills. Over the course of the year, sixth graders engage in in-depth novel studies which address a wide array of language arts skills as well as allow for faith-based discussions. Students also participate in various writing projects, such as narrative, argumentative, and informational writing. In addition, grammar and independent reading requirements all combine to provide a well-rounded language arts experience.

Math: The ACS middle school use Big Ideas Math. This rigorous curriculum “balances conceptual understanding with procedural fluency, as research shows that students benefit from equal exposure to discovery learning and direct instruction” ( Our study of math enables us to understand in a fresh way our orderly, creative God.

Science: Middle School Science is taught from the Biblical perspective of creation (Genesis 1) and God as the Creator of our magnificent universe. The curriculum is a hands-on, problem-solving based curriculum, in which students learn through activities and experiments through a combination of Battle Creek Science units, nature-based experiences, and intentional faith-based reflection opportunities. In 6th grade we learn more about God’s creativity in the various forms of energy and how they relate to our everyday lives. We also learn about how God has designed our Earth’s surface to continually change through various forces and the rock cycle.

Social Studies: We begin middle school Social Studies with the TCI History Alive! curriculum. The focus in sixth grade is to develop a love for social studies, an understanding of ancient cultures, and applying this knowledge to the world beyond our school. Sixth graders will explore ancient civilizations and make connections to the modern world. In all units throughout the year, we use the lens of our Christian faith to analyze past decisions to help us learn how to make future decisions.

Art: Sixth Grade students receive forty-five minutes of art instruction each week. In sixth grade there is an emphasis on working as a team on projects. It is tricky to learn to “let go” of their own ideas and compromise as a team. This helps them start to see what is important to them in their art and what is ok to compromise.Art: Sixth Grade students receive forty-five minutes of art instruction each week. In sixth grade, students are given a bit more freedom and choice to solve artistic problems. Students continue studying the Elements of Art and are introduced to the Principles of Design. They begin to internalize the concepts learned in previous years and use them in their own style.

Music: Sixth Grade students are involved in both band (50 minutes/ 3 days) and choir (50 minutes/ 1 day). The mission of the music program at Allendale Christian School is to allow students to discover and develop the musical gifts that God has given them through an appreciation of, enjoyment of, and success in music. Every 6th grader is required to be in band and choir. At ACS, we strongly believe that students should be exposed to band and choir to become well rounded and discover those gifts that God has given them. In band and choir, students will develop the following musical skills through performance: creating a clear tone with voice and chosen instrument, reading pitches on the treble and bass clef, reading a variety of musical symbols, and performing contrasting parts. 

Physical Education: Sixth Grade students receive two fifty minute sessions of PE each week. Many different activities and sports are used in order for students to find areas they enjoy and excel. Students should be using the skills learned successfully in modified games and activities.

Spanish: Sixth Grade students received one fifty-minute period of Spanish each week. Additionally, they will receive an extra 50-minute period per week for one trimester during a rotating FLEX class.