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October 2020
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6.SS: Redo/Finish Reflection on Thematic Maps
October 2, 2020

This only applies to some students. The top of their reflections paper states if they need to redo or finish.

6.Math: Ch1 Test Corrections Due
October 6, 2020

Follow protocol for correcting their tests. If they have specific questions, they should ask outside of class...before school, at break, or at lunch.

7M: math test
October 8, 2020
6 Math: Fraction Packet - 10 problems
October 8, 2020

Problems were assigned by Mrs. Stob in class

6SS: ACS TM Reflection on Learning
October 13, 2020

Follow the instructions on this Doc. If you choose to do the video, please follow the link to FlipGrid. When you have finished the video, type "FlipGrid" into your document and click on "Turn IN...

6Math: Fraction Packet 10 problems
October 13, 2020

Problems were assigned by Mrs. Stob individually.

7M math quiz
October 14, 2020
6Math: My Favorite # Project + 2.1XYZ problems
October 15, 2020

For the 2.1XYZ problems. You will find the list on Classroom under the "Week 8 at a Glance". Do problems in the X,Y, OR Z column.