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3-day and 5-day kindergarten enrollment begins January 14, 2021! For more information, please call the office at 616-895-5108.
Kindergarten at ACS

Parents have two options for Kindergarten at ACS. Parents may enroll their child in the 3-day Kindergarten, which is full days Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Parents who want the 5-day option can enroll their child in the Enrichment Kindergarten class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Enrichment class provides a unique and engaging option for Kindergarten students. 

Kindergarten at ACS is focused on providing a safe and accepting atmosphere where God’s love is demonstrated in both word and deed. The curriculum in the 3-day Kindergarten program aims to teach each child at their developmental level, laying a strong foundation upon which future learning is built.

  • Bible is taught using Christian Schools International’s God’s Wonders: A Story of God and His People. Students will consider how God’s big story includes us today!
  • For English Language Arts, Lucy Calkins’ Reading and Writing Workshop allows students to begin establishing their identities as readers and authors while they build the foundational skills for reading and writing. Words Their Way, Handwriting Without Tears, and Zoo phonics are also used for well rounded ELA teaching.
  • Math Expressions provides hands-on math lessons and practice, promoting thinking skills and real life application.
  • Through the Battle Creek Math and Science Center units My Earth, Senses, and Living Things students learn about and participate in God’s beautiful creation.
  • The social studies curriculum aims to teach love for ourselves, love for others, and our role as followers of Christ in society.
  • Kindergarten students will also participate in Art, Computers, Music, PE, and Library on a weekly basis.

The kindergarten program is just one more way that ACS equips students academically, spiritually, and socially to live for God in all aspects of life!

“The teachers have been amazing thus far and the education our little ones are receiving is top notch!”   - ACS Kindergarten parent
Enrichment Kindergarten (Create a 5-day schedule)

Enrichment kindergarten meets every Tuesday and Thursday, making kindergarten a 5 full-day program. The focus of our class is learning through hands-on, experimental learning. The students spend outside in order to learn about and through nature and God’s creation. They study trees and wind, the way objects travel, follow footprints, and gather items they find. They adopt a tree and watch it grow and change, and learn about living things. The class will devote a lot of time learning about who they are as children of God, in Allendale, in Michigan, the USA, our continent, and the world. They will dig deeply in to each of those areas and learn what role we play as Christians, in each. The teacher hopes to help the students learn about their place in the world and what that looks like when you are a Christian. The deep hope for these students is that they see Jesus everywhere, in creation, in each other, and in themselves.

Math, science, reading, writing and social studies are all combined in an approach that values questioning, listening, researching and solving. It seeks to find real life problems and a means to solve them, often in more than one way. Even the youngest of minds are able to learn in this meaningful way that also encourages brainstorming and reflection.

One example of the learning that happens in the Enrichment class was when the students discovered that our preschoolers were not allowed on the playground because of state rules. The students brainstormed ways to improve the situation, designed an area, and this process was the beginning of Nature-Based opportunities at ACS!

The video provides a small snapshot of the Christ-centered education at ACS!