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The window to apply for Kindergarten enrollment is now open for the 2023-2024 school year! For more information, please call the office at 616-895-5108.
Kindergarten at ACS

Kindergarten at ACS is focused on providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere where God’s love is demonstrated in both word and deed. Curriculum aims to teach each child at their developmental level, laying a strong foundation upon which future learning is built. Families may choose between a three full-day,  five full-day, or transitional kindergarten program at ACS. Students enrolled in these programs will cover all content areas (Bible, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math) and more, preparing them to succeed in first grade! For questions about the Kindergarten options, please call the office at 616-895-5108.


Teaching for Transformation (TfT): Teaching for Transformation is the Biblical Worldview program that provides the framework for all that we do at ACS. While learning how they are an active part of God’s big story children learn to be Beauty Creators, Image Reflectors, Idolatry Discerners, Servant Workers, Loving Communicators, Creation Enjoyers, God Worshippers, Community Builders, Justice Seekers, Earth Keepers, and Order Discoverers. ACS is intentional about faith nurture and spiritual growth in all that is taught.  

Bible: Bible is taught using Christian Schools International’s God’s Wonders: A Story of God and His People. We learn about the story of Creation; the patriarchs of God’s people; and the birth, ministries, death, and resurrection of Jesus, our Savior. Students will consider how God’s big story includes us today!

Language Arts: Reading and Writing Workshop allows     students to begin establishing their identities as readers and authors while they build the foundational skills for reading and writing. Reading is taught using the Science of Reading philosophy which is a phonics based approach. Heggerty Phonemic Awareness, Recipe for Reading Curriculum and decodable readers are among the tools used to teach reading. The Write Well curriculum is used for the teaching of writing. Handwriting Without Tears is also used for well-rounded ELA teaching.

Social Studies: Our social studies curriculum aims to teach love for ourselves, love for others, and our role as followers of Christ in society.

Science: The FOSS science curriculum offers an investigation and hands-on approach to science. The units Trees and Weather, Materials and Motion, and Animals Two by Two all help students learn about and participate in God’s beautiful creation.

Math: Math Expressions provides hands-on math lessons and practice, promoting thinking skills and real life application.

Physical Education: Kindergarten students participate in one to two PE classes each week. 

Art: Kindergarten students participate in one to two art classes each week. Students will be introduced to the Elements of Art and explore and create with many different art mediums. 

Music: Kindergarten students participate in one to two music classes each week. Students will explore musical concepts like pitch and rhythm with their voices, bodies, and instruments and participate in the annual Christmas concert in December.

Library:  In the library, students listen to a read-aloud book and have discussions on the book, aiming to meet Kindergarten reading standards. They also have time to find, read, and check-out books they want to read.

Spanish: Kindergarten students participate in Spanish class once a week. Through songs, games, and interactive activities, students learn basic greetings, numbers 1-15, color words, and a few animal words. They also learn short Bible verses, songs, and prayers. 

“The teachers have been amazing thus far and the education our little ones are receiving is top notch!”   - ACS Kindergarten parent