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Fourth Grade


In the words of past and present fourth grade students of Allendale Christian School, “Fourth grade at ACS, is a year of:
  • "prayer partners, prayer journals, and learning how to pray.”
  • "learning more about your classmates.” · growing in our friendships.”
  • "learning to be yourself.”
  • "loving reading more than ever.”
  • "learning how to work with partners and groups.”
  • "becoming more responsible.”
  • "how to write better paragraphs.”
  • "realizing that I am smart.”
  • "becoming a better Christian.”

Bible: The first half of the year we study the book of Philippians, the history and the writing of the Bible as a book, reviewing the main stories of the Old Testament, and learning about the time during the Judges. The second half of the year will include King Saul, King David, and King Solomon’s reign and other rulers and prophets of Israel and Judah. Every week we have Bible memory verses that coincide with the unit we are studying or with the school’s spiritual theme.

Math: We believe that math is an area of learning that brings order to our world in which God has created for His people! We use the math curriculum called Math Expressions. The areas of study are: addition and subtraction strategies, multiplication and division with whole numbers, fact fluency, equations and word problems, measurements, fraction concepts and operations, decimals, and geometry.

Reading: Our reading program uses a reading workshop style of learning focusing on a variety of genres and reading skills. This consists of a mini-lesson, time of silent independent reading, teacher read aloud, book clubs, literature circles, and teacher-guided reading.

Spelling: Spelling words will be taken from our spelling program, Words Their Way. We will be assessing students’ overall spelling abilities three times a year to help guide which word patterns go into their individualized weekly spelling lists.

Writing Workshop: A writing workshop time will take place four to five times a week with mini-lessons, time for free writing, grammar and mechanics practice, and teacher-student conferences. Each student will have a writer’s binder and a composition notebook. They will be used for writing stories, personal narratives, personal essays, opinion pieces, and nonfiction essays. During the workshop, students will go through the writing process to eventually publish at least three pieces of writing.

Science and Social Studies: Not only do we see God as the Creator of our universe, but He reveals Himself to us through the intricate creation of his people, animals, processes, and systems. ACS uses FOSS Science units in elementary grades. “FOSS Next Generation puts the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into practice by integrating all three dimensions: the Disciplinary Core Ideas, the Science and Engineering Practices, and the Crosscutting Concepts, all within our classroom-proven tools and strategies to engage students and teachers in enduring experiences (hands on!) that lead to deeper understanding of the natural and designed world. FOSS engages all students with meaningful active learning experiences, prepares all students to succeed with the NGSS performance expectations, integrates robust reading and literacy strategies to support the ELA standards for all students, and utilizes technology to deliver learning experiences and provide teachers with excellent management resources.” (FOSS website) Teachers will focus on how great our God is and how His hand is the true guide and science is study of God’s handiwork. Our social studies unit is a bit different. We study the four types of social scientists: geographer, economist, political scientist, and historian and their jobs, questions they may ask, and the tools they use. These concepts help us connect the facts about Michigan and how they compare to the different states and regions of our country.

Physical Education: Fourth grade students receive two thirty-five or forty minute sessions of PE each week. Students learn about the different areas of physical fitness, why they are important and what activities can be done to increase each area. As students move into lead-up games for specific sports, they learn how to communicate with each other and also how to use skills in a game-like situation.

Art: Fourth Grade students receive forty-five minutes of art instruction each week. In fourth grade students are introduced to different artists and create using a variety of art mediums. Students begin to look at cultural art and continue to study the Elements of Art.

Music: Fourth Grade students receive two-one half hour classes of music instruction each week. The mission of the music program at Allendale Christian School is to allow students to discover and develop the musical gifts that God has given them through an appreciation of, enjoyment of, and success in music. Through movement activities, composition, improvisation, singing, and the use of instruments, specifically recorders, fourth graders will develop the following musical skills: reading complex rhythms, reading pitches on the treble clef, performing harmonies as a class, and recognizing instruments and their families.  

Computers and Technology: Fourth Grade students receive one forty-five minute class of computer instruction each week. Students continue to practice keyboarding skills while using these skills to type classroom assignments. The rest of the time focus is on all other aspects of the curriculum. We may type our stories, play a math game, create our spiritual theme book, or visit a website that teaches us about the regions of the United States. In addition, they also use presentation software a great deal to convey their classroom learning to their peers.